In our network you will find tourist guides, nature and interpretive guides certified and qualified educators and trainers. You will find farms and wineries, cooperatives and companies. They are our ecotourism gladiators who put at your disposal a wide range of excursions, laboratories and experiential and educational services. They are not only connoisseurs of the nature, history and culture of a territory, but they are also its protectors. They take care of and cultivate the land. They manage archaeological parks, museums and entertainment activities by connecting people. They carry out environmental education activities as well as scientific research and environmental monitoring for the conservation of nature and its resources. Whether you are by sea or by land, on foot, by kayak, by boat, by off-road vehicle, by bicycle or hands-on, the guides of the network will make you live memorable experiences.


Hospitality in Sardinia is a strong part of our history and natural behaviour. Our accommodation facilities are the true beating heart of our network. You will be welcomed in buildings which show great attention to environmental sustainability in every way. All of the accomodations of the network are built with materials and renovation techniques according to the principles of green building, in a genuine Sardinian style. They also offer traditional Sardinian cuisine and use 0 kms and organic products, grown in full respect of the cycle of the seasons. Travelers looking for direct contact with nature, attentive and curious to the uniqueness of the place they visit, will find the ideal stay in our facilities. Guests will be able to explore gastronomic traditions and get to know the cultural and natural identity of the Island through experiences, excursions and walks.


The Network includes Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.
They are the beating heart that connects all the partners of the Network. They know all of them thoroughly; they bring out and enhance the value of each individual experience by creating unique stays for you. They make sure that all the products from the Network comply with the best operating standards. In a word, they are our stage directors. They work behind the scenes to make your experience in Sardinia unique.