With Alea you will discover fascinating and unusual views of the Sinis peninsula. By bike among the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, by kayak on the waters of the coastal lagoons, on foot among the quartzes of the beaches of the “Sinis – Mal di Ventre” Marine Protected Area. Together with guides and researchers, we will appreciate the open spaces and the ancient dimension of this territory where mass tourism is still unknown.

Alla scoperta di.. is not just about hiking but a way of experiencing Sardinia in balance with the environment and living species. You will discover the nature of Sardinia passing through secluded places, to appreciate the voices of Nature in silence, recognize signs of the presence of animals and testimonies left by man throughout history.

Arasolè creates historical, cultural, archaeological, anthropological, literary and enogastronomic itineraries for you. They offer you cultural, rural and sustainable tourism experiences. Arasolè is your journey into the soul of Sardinia, a remote ancestral and unspoiled land. People and local communities are always at the heart of the experience to discover the true magic of places.

Blue & Green Best will make you experience the unspoiled nature and the most authentic culture of Sardinia in a unique way. Whether in the blue or in the green there are many roads that you can travel on foot, by kayak, MTB, boat or off-road. Many other services on request and one great will, to satisfy you and leave you with the memory of an exciting experience.

The cooperative La Nuova Luna invites you to the Archaeological Park of Bosco Seleni, in Lanusei. An area rich in archaeological remains immersed in an environment of great beauty. Archaeological visits at night and archaeo-astronomical, environmental trekking, workshops and theatrical performances. Together with expert guides, capture images and details that only those who live in the area can know.

Logout Live Now creates and organizes Digital Detox experiences. Disconnect from the Internet and from the hectic pace, reconnect with nature, yourself and others. Regain control and awareness thanks to digital wellness seminars. Leave your smartphone and immerse yourself in nature by practicing yoga, kayaking, walking, craft workshops and cooking classes.

MareTerra Group will introduce you to the beauties of Sardinia together with guides and scientific researchers committed to protecting the environment. Choose Progetto Natura and go in search of dolphins in the Gulf of Alghero! By getting on board you support the scientific research of MareTerra Onlus. Choose NaturAlghero to discover nature, culture, charm and mysteries of our land.

Méskes is an all-female company active throughout the Sardinian territory, especially in central Sardinia. Get in touch with the local community, immerse yourself in the wild nature with exciting excursions, discover archaeological sites and places of culture, taste the typical specialties directly from the producers. You will be the protagonists of your experience.

Olianas is the first entirely bio-integrated winery, a new concept of ethical agriculture that provides for environmental protection as an essential requirement for the future. The enveloping half-light, the scented air of wine, the large terracotta jars, the wooden tonneaux … Our cellar is like a casket where our dreams have become reality. In the form of wine.

In the itinerary of Orosei Adventours there is always time to savor the culture of the territory, visit a museum or taste the eno-gastronomic delicacies. Our Adventours avoid phenomena of social and economic inequity by ensuring compliance with all the necessary balances for a healthy, sustainable and profitable tourism experience for all the players involved.

Forget your city life and set off with Sardeo to discover Sardinia. Experiences in direct contact with people and places from every corner of the island thanks to the numerous excursions and activities offered with local and 100% eco-sustainable guides. Live an experience under the sign of nature, sport, ecology and adventure, suitable for your family, too!

Choose your emotion with Sardinia e-motion. On foot with our treks or on our e-bikes we will take you to an authentic dimension close to the details of a place, respectful of time and its rhythms. Culture, history, traditions, archeology, art centers and fascinating mountain villages. Savor the soul and heart of a different Sardinia … yours.

Discover authentic Sardinia with the local guides of Sardinia Slow Experience. Make the most of your holidays discovering typical food products, authentic artisans and artists, exploring the less traveled places, visiting the best local wineries, craft breweries and artisan food producers in the region. Experience the best of Sardinia!

With Sardinia Tourist Guide you will know all the naturalistic, anthropological and cultural aspects of the territory. A different type of tourism, which favors true contact with the territory, far from mass tourism and with great respect for the environment. Whether it’s by kayak, trekking, to an archaeological site, a city tour, adventure awaits you!

With the Social Cooperative Schema Libero, the cultural, environmental and social dimensions come together to generate beauty. In the Tèssere laboratory, you will discover the ancient methods of weaving by transforming discarded textile materials into new eco-sustainable products of great beauty. In the Dommu de sa Cultura, you will experience an exciting journey into the popular life and the suggestiveness of Baunei’s spirituality.

The SOI Farm Winery evolves the concept of agriculture into agriculture. The winery of architect Stefano Soi thus becomes a territorial garrison. It expresses belonging to the small agricultural town of Nuragus which gives its name to the ancient Nuragus vine. It expresses absolute respect for the ancient winemaking tradition of the area, for its sustainable development and for family farming.

Travel with Soul of Sardinia, from the sea to the mountains, from beaches to waterfalls. A slow and responsible journey, between past and present, to discover an authentic Sardinia. A unique experience, shared with the locals and made special by their stories of life, their traditions and lifestyles, immersed in scenarios of infinite beauty.

Tela Fertile cultivates, collects and packages organic products in Sardinia. It does so by listening to what the weather and seasons of Sardinia have to tell. Ancient peasant rhythms and traditions that give life to products that are the best expression of the land of Sardinia.

Viseras opens the doors to the cultural universe of a small town in inland Sardinia, Mamoiada. With the passion and expertise of the guides you will discover the local traditions, food and wine, the territory and the historical memory of Mamoiada, in a unique way. Visit the Museum of Mediterranean Masks, the Museum of Culture and Work and the MATer, Museum of Archeology and Territory.


Aquae Sinis is a widespread hotel in the heart of Cabras. The seventeenth-century historical houses, renovated according to the local eco-sustainable architecture, offer all comforts in a romantic atmosphere of the past. A wellness center, trekking, food and wine experiences and a bike rental offer all you need for the perfect eco-active holiday.

Antica Locanda Lunetta is located in the heart of Mandas. A peasant dwelling in 1600, once a post office, today an elegant and welcoming inn with plenty of charming little corners. In 1921 it hosted D.H. Lawrence on his trip to Sardinia and now it is ready to welcome guests to discover the wonders of the surrounding area.

Sa Mandra is a family-run farmhouse with rooms furnished in Sardinian style. You will find yourself in an open-air museum of the agro-pastoral tradition and you’ll be able to taste a traditional cuisine that has become a Sardinian classic. Sa Mandra is also an educational farm for children and adults with cooking classes and tasting of the homemade products.

Affittacamere Pirastroneddu

Pirastroneddu Guest House offers its guests the best “Sardinian home experience”, tailored around each guest needs and feelings, to offer a one of a kind Sardinian experience. Our staff operates throughout the Island with the same mission: let you discover the most beautiful side of Sardinia.

Bisos – Ecosustainable Widespread Hospitality, is the first 100% eco-sustainable historical residence in Italy. The 6 rooms overlook the center of Paulilatino. They are all different from each other and every one of them tells a different story of the house and of the history of the village. Bisos and the activities you will be offered will give you the feeling of being a true member of the village, “unu de bidda” as the Sardinian saying goes.

Cortis Antigas is an ancient nineteenth-century residence born from the idea of ​​a young archaeologist with the aim of living the true spirit of Sardinia. The fine restoration with traditional materials, the pure tranquility of the internal courtyards (cortis) and the intimate and simple welcome will make your stay a unique experience.

Domu Antiga (in Sardinian: ancient house) is a typical house built in 1800 in the quaint historical center of the village of Gergei. It will welcome you and let you discover the dimension of a time out of time. You’ll be able to live the slow rhythm of the hours and have time for meditating, wrapped in the sweet scent of bread that is baked in the old wood-burning oven.

Hotel Orlando is eager to offer you Sardinia with the most respect for the environment, Ecolabel certified. Catering attentive to local and organic products, attention to art, history and local culture. The ideal starting point for living experiences in the Ogliastra nature thanks to plenty of unique activities.

Ispinigoli Hotel & Restaurant is a family-run business. Located out in the nature it offers a unique view towards the Gulf of Orosei. The restaurant offers typical Barbagia cuisine, made with local products grown directly on the property of the hotel. It offers a holiday between sea and mountains enriched with a wide variety of experiences in direct contact with nature.

Hotel Lucrezia is an old farmhouse renovated with ancient tecniques and great attention for details. It still hosts many tools of ancient peasant culture, such as the grinding wheel and the oil mill. All of the rooms face the inner garden which is the beating heart of the hotel. The surprising garden will welcome you for breakfast and dinner and every time you will come back from wonderful experiences in the pristine nature of the Sinis peninsula.

Hotel Scala San Giorgio

Hotel Scala San Giorgio is immersed in the pristine nature of the Osini Tacchi valley, a continuous succession of promontories and nuraghi. Suitable for those looking for slow tourism and willing to enjoy a simple and genuine contact with nature by practicing trekking, sports trails and mountain biking. The restaurant offers tasty and genuine dishes from typical Sardinian tradition.

Su Nuraxi Hotel & Restaurant is located in the center of the organic farm Sole di Sardegna. It is built in the Sardinian-Campidanese style. It offers you a simple and genuine restaurant according to the rhythms of the seasons. You will find a laboratory and educational farm activities and other proposals to experience nature in peace and relax.

Il Giardino di Valentina guesthouse is a Campidanese manor house restored following the principles of green building. You will find the synergistic vegetable garden that provides seasonal organic products, traditional cooking courses, cycle tourism and excursions of all kinds to enjoy a holiday with a special attention for sustainability of ecotourism.

Is Perdas offers an authentic experience, unique sensations of relaxation and well being in a location out of the ordinary. A special place from which guests will be able to tart discovering a still unknown and mysterious territory, rich in history and traditions. The restaurant will make you discover the philosophy of Sardinian life, simple and genuine.

Locanda Minerva is a historical building on the slopes of Mount Minerva, located in the center of a naturalistic oasis. The area is full of charme and was inhabited since very ancient times. Here you will be able to spend days in full contact with nature, with sensory experiences of meditation, cultural events and workshops of art and gastronomy.

Villaggio Carovana is a holiday home for different holidays, with a special attention for social and sustainable tourism. A welcoming place where people listen to everyone’s special needs. Your hosts will break down mental and architectural barriers. Villaggio Carovana is also a training place in which you’ll be able to meet new friends, discover new places and learn through experiences, stories and different cultures.


Sardaigne en liberté is the first ecotourism agency in Sardinia specialised in the design, management and sale of slow and sustainable tourism experiences and activities for families, groups, individual travellers and companies.
The most popular packages and experiences offered are related to food and wine and agro-pastoral traditions such as transhumance and donkeys excursions. Their commitment to eco-friendly, responsible, fair and ethical tourism is very strong. They promote a kind of participative tourism, which encourages the connection between inhabitants and tourists.It is a slow tourism, to give enough time for discovery and to appreciate the quality of the experience.

Veritaly Travel DMC is your Destination Partner. They offer to foreign tour operators a full range of services in hospitality in Sardinia: commercial hotel brokerage, support with local suppliers and assistance for incoming tourists. They also operate as a Promotion Agency for the island by organizing training and co-marketing actions. With Veritaly Travel you can count on those who were born in Sardinia and know how to interact with local suppliers in the best possible way, working with great professionalism and experience and keeping always an attentive eye to the quality of services.

Sardinia Natour is a specialist in organizing stays in Sardinia and providing a wide range of services. Their selection of accommodation facilitates the connection with nature and local cultures. They provide a selection of small and cosy accommodations such as holidays farms, organic and free range farms, family-run houses.
They offer many options for active, experiential, slow and sustainable tourism: on horseback, by bike, hiking and walking ways, archaeological sites and old mines. They pay close attention to the enhancement of the different areas offering original travel programs, qualified tour guides and on-site assistance.

Dolcevita is the specialist of cycling and hiking holidays in Sardinia. They plan carefully your itineraries through the most beautiful parts of the island. They select secondary roads and scenic areas to let you discover unknown and impressive places, keeping you in contact with the most ancient traditions of Sardinia at the same time. The routes are constantly inspected, to avoid any unexpected problem. Dolcevita offers guided or self-guided tours for groups and individual travellers, cycling routes by road bikes or mountain bikes and hiking tours in wonderful unspoiled areas.