about us

We are forty, we are one. Eco Tourism Network of Sardinia was born in 2019 by the idea and the vision of some professional tourism workers who share the values of sustainability and respect. Today the network has more than 40 partner companies including: tour operators, accommodation facilities, hiking guides, museums, archaeological sites and unique proposals of activities and experiences.

We work with true passion and we offer unique experiences around the island. Our goal is to promote our rich and unknown territory, living unique experiences made of slow tourism, undisclosed paths, unexpected traditions and much more.

Sardinia Ecotourism Network is a powerful example of how a critical moment for world tourism, determined by the health emergency, turns into an opportunity. All the members are helping each other to grow together and to show that ​​tourism in Sardinia can be something else. Other than emerald waters, glam venues and luxury properties, Sardinia has much more to offer, and all the members of the network will be glad to let you discover the secrets to whom willing to. Always with a respectful eye for nature, culture and land.